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Unit Black (Dawn), Aluminium Shelf Series By Giseok Kim

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Giseok Kim 
Unit Black (Dawn), edition 1/3, 2024
aluminum and anodised aluminum sheets, bolts, nuts, 94.5 x 16 x 22 cm

Consisting of nuts (joints), bolts (columns), and folded aluminium sheets (surfaces), the Aluminium Shelf series was initiated as a project reflecting architecture and industry. Rather than a specific set of objects, the essence of the series lies in an infinitely expandable modular system that emphasises order, symmetry, stability and efficiency.

The new suite of unique, site-specific works created for ‘Proceed’ evince a clear family resemblance – they are assembled from the same three components as the Aluminium Shelf series – but slightly skew the design logic of symmetry and functionality. Through extensions, special finishes and slantwise cuts, their character as functional objects is fundamentally altered. They are no longer semi-neutral ‘receptacles’ for objects, but eccentric volumes, hovering between ‘shelf’ and sculpture. As ‘empty shelves’, they simultaneously satisfy and thwart the desires to fill and to leave empty.

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