The Drop 9.13

LIVE NOW – Welcome to the drop; nine experiences with nine sellers, in one day. ⁠Featuring: Emma Ortiz, ADVISRY, Rosie Evans, Michelle Li, Kyron Warwick, Dean Roper, Yuki Beniya, and A Clean Lit Space.

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Josefina Valdes is a Uruguayan-Mexican textile designer and artist based in Mexico City. She has been running Scent since 2016. Scent is a brand that specializes in artists collaborations and original prints, bonding the art and fashion world together creating special edition garments.

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Explore surrealist designer ASLAN’s exclusive “PLAY” collection. Shop utilitarian-style gloves, clothes, and jewelry featuring stainless steel and hand-picked charms via a new Experience.

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Emily Oberg

Founder of Sporty & Rich, a lifestyle brand advocating for health, wellness, design, love, creativity, forgotten moments, and people. As visual director for the brand, overseeing everything from design, marketing, casting, production, social strategy, collaborations and art direction – Oberg’s taste lends itself to a refined, classic, and luxury product offering.

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