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Reel Lamp, Spatial Semiology (Giseok Kim, Juno Yoon)

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Spatial Semiology (Giseok Kim, Juno Yoon) 

Reel Lamp, edition 1/3, 2022

electric wire, steel, bulb, 17 x 17 x 30 cm

Giseok Kim engages in various space-based activities such as architecture, interior, installations, objects and furniture. He is based in Seoul, Antwerp and The Hague. In 2019, he founded the spatial design studio Spatial Semiology (2019–2022), following a solo exhibition of the same name at House Musee in Seoul. Spatial Semiology focused on constructing spaces centred around movable elements and symbols, moving beyond traditional interior design constraints. Seeking to expand his practice and gain international experience beyond commercial interior design in Korea, Giseok dissolved Spatial Semiology at the end of 2022 and moved to Antwerp, Belgium, to launch his second practice, Faktor (2022–2023), which focused on object design and small-scale production industries. In 2023 he started a partnership with COUR in Antwerp, which represents him as an artist.

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