• Larry Tchogninou

Sound Level Door Stopper

Condition New
Color Wood
Base Material 4 Plies of 1/2 Plywood
Accessory Material Yellow Zinc Plated Steel Chain
Dimension 4.5 x 1.7 x 2 in

Product Details

The "Sound Level Door Stopper" is an object designed from the sound wave of a door slamming.

"I always had difficulties keeping the entrance door of my apartment opened while bringing groceries inside. I just wanted to solve that annoying problem by creating a door stopper. But a door stopper with a story linked to that specific door. As a result, I recorded the loud "Bamm!!" sound that the door makes when it closes. Then, I used the level graph obtained to generate the actual door stopper. Each layer on the object is related to a sub-signal produced by the 100dB sound. From a flat curve to a 3d object! It is a tangible representation of an invisible signal.’’

- Larry Tchogninou

Base Material: 4 plies of 1/2 plywood

Accessory Material: Yellow zinc plated steel chain

Dimension: 4.5’’x 1.7’’ x 2’’

  • Avant-Garde
  • Contemporary
  • Technical

Meet the seller

Larry Tchogninou

A polymath, originally from Benin (West Africa). His work covers object design, furniture, 3D & more. Tchogninou is the founder of RupturVision – a design reflection approach based on 5 points: ‘’bold and crazy, colorful, oppose uses to create others, design as means of communication, and to question the unhappen.”