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Napa Apple Tee

Condition New
Color Vanilla

Product Details

This Michelin star tee shirt blends together the visual elegance of a fine wine label, with the heart breaking, yet beautiful look of "The Giving Tree". That book really fucked me up as a kid. Anyways, this is a premium little number, for when you want to feel cool and stylish on a patio as you tear apart some prosciutto while sipping on some fire Montepulciano. Red wine kisses! As always, this tee is tastefully boxy / oversized so if you're a little *bashful* when it comes to which size to pluck, size down Nanna.

  • Streetwear
  • Contemporary
  • Casual
  • Lounge

Associated Experience

Apples and Pixie by Cul De Sac Studios