Montgomery explores symbolic items from both religious and spiritual realms and to discover their true relevance. He’s forever on the hunt for preloved ‘Mary’ statues—a common icon for the christian faith, believed to offer guidance and support on the path to life after death. He also hunts crystals, interested in the knowledge and power they’re said to possess, plus their ideological relevance to those on a more spiritual side of the fence. This particular piece combines both of those aspects, and comes with an artist's signature to boot.

Max Guerrero is a former gallery owner and current restauranteur based in Los Angeles. He and his brother Fred are the duo that masterminded Slow Culture, an independent art gallery and bookstore, as well as Burgerlords, a modern take on fast LA dining that offers selections for burger lovers and vegans alike.
Size 13.5" x 5.5" (across hands)
Condition New