Noel Bronson


Designer, founder of Palisodes System - a Jamaican luxury brand. Based in Bronx, NY. Bronson is a creative entrepreneur, with past projects and collaborations with Nike, Stüssy, Epic Records, and Viceland.


Pali Sadoes Exclusives

Noel Bronson, founder of the Jamaican luxury experience, drops the Pali Sadoes Gift Shop Scarf and 3 Pack Tee.

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Tees with Noel Bronson

The Bronx-based designer curates a collection of tees.

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A Visual Essay by Pali Sadoes

Introducing a Jamaican luxury experience influenced by Yard, founded by Noel Bronson.

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A head to head soundclash with brand Founders Noel Bronson and Jacob Rochester.

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Welcome to Pali Sadoes with Noel Bronson

The luxury experience by designer Noel Bronson, informed by the motherland of Jamaica

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Streetwear tees over the years

Noel's hosting a vintage t-shirt yard sale, on the internet

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