Marta Pozzan


Marta Pozzan is an Italian actress, writer and creator living in Los Angeles, California. She has been featured in films and TV shows starring Selma Blair, Maia Mitchell, and Zoe Saldana. Her creative partnerships include collaborations with Kenzo, Dior, Fendi and more.


The Pace Of Life with Marta Pozzan

Step into the unique and extraordinary world of actress, writer and creator Marta Pozzan in her new Pace sunglasses experience, exclusively on Basic.Space.

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Cosmic Days by Marta Pozzan

Italian actress Marta Pozzan models her exclusive new hoodie in this Experience. Shop the oversized Cosmic Days hoodie, only at Basic.Space.

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Get ready with Marta

Marta prepares for a photoshoot in her LA home

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Marta Pozzan and Georgie Flores #IamReal Talk

Actresses and long-time friends Marta Pozzan and Georgie Flores host an intimate panel discussion with Senior Contributor at Forbes Yola Robert, opening up about mental health and emotional wellness while living in LA and working in the entertainment industry.

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