• Co Founder and Creative Director of lifestyle brand Museum of Peace and Quiet.

  • Ciberia

    Ciberia is a brand made by two girls from Copenhagen, and shows a manifestation of an honest and extrovert look of femininity and confidence. A challenging look who anyone can fit and feel comfortable in. Through constantly exploring new ways of styling the tight-fitting bodysuits, Ciberia offers a simple yet elegant way of doing something extra and alluring with your style.

  • A future-forward skincare line with a vision to achieve a true circular economy. Through an industry first initiative called WasteNot Sourcing viable resources are upcycled into their products, rather than go to waste. The process is done in such a way that extraction leftovers are returned as mulch for the next season's harvest.

  • At Cloud 9 Clay, each small batch, limited edition, and one of a kind ceramic ware is handmade by Peyton Flynn in Philadelphia. Created with a light heart and an open imagination, Cloud 9 Clay's experimental and always evolving work aims to brighten home and mood throughout one’s daily routines and rituals. Cloud 9 Clay focuses primarily with wheel thrown stoneware, as well as patterned slab rolled forms, and sometimes large sculptural vessels. For Peyton, the creation process is grounding, centering, fluid, and pushing boundaries of non-attachment and exploration.

  • Colbo

    Colbo is a New York City based multidisciplinary retail store, clothing brand, cafe and community/event space. Offering independent, local and international clothing brands, an in-house label, and a curated selection of records, vintage and home goods - Colbo aims to create a lifestyle and feel around its being.

  • Founder of Cul De Sac Studio, offering design and art direction services to artists and brands. A fascination with cultural ephemera has led to the creation of the Cul De Sac Souvenir shop. All items are crafted with intention in small batches.

  • Founded in early 2020, Come Back As A Flower (CBAAF) was born after several months of at-home experiments with dye techniques garnering unexpected results. As these hand-dyed pieces quickly resonated within circles of niche stylists and celebrity elite, an affinity for the brand grew. Now stocked in major retailers and luxury stores around the world, the first collection for Basic.Space remains a reflection of the exclusivity and craftsmanship that brought the brand to prominence.

  • The Rolling Thunder of Change is a production outpost of Commission Studio, a modern publishing platform issuing products of creative interest. Items are made as and when, in limited numbers. Based in London.

  • Multidisciplinary artist from Baltimore, Maryland, working across a diverse range of media. Corey Wash makes work that explores the ideas evolving around environment, culture, identity etc. While much of her work is autobiographical, Wash’s go to and ever evolving characters are the voices behind her vibrant pieces that expose threats such as misogyny, racism, poverty and more.

  • Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and competitor in Cycle 23 of America’s Next Top Model who is set to release her first full length EP in May 2021.

  • @cullysmoller

  • New York City-based artist known for his signature "Love Me" message whose work spans mediums including painting, sculpture, photography, filmmaking, and other commissioned design projects.

  • Founder of downtown New York self-care and wellness haven Chillhouse, who is also known as "The Queen of Chill."

  • Lebanese-Sudanese film director & creative consultant who has continued to weave new and inspiring cloud-lands bolstered by her mission to empower the next generation of creatives whose cinematic narratives and work with Gucci, Mercedes Benz, Glossier, Farfetch, and Nike reveals the beauty in the everyday.

  • NYC based Mexican filmmaker, creative, and model. Deeply inspired by traditional Mexican aesthetics and her nomadic upbringing, her work aims to examine human connection and cultivate a space for the estranged.

  • Mexican filmmaker, creative, and model. Daniela Garza is deeply inspired by traditional Mexican aesthetics and her nomadic upbringing, her work aims to examine human connection and cultivate a space for the estranged.