• Terrence Phearse is an artist and curator. He is currently the Editorial Director of Photography at Musée and is a former fashion editor. Phearse lives and works in New York and London and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Visual Arts: Philosophy, Aesthetics and Art Theory.

  • Co-founders of Rosaluna, the first certified gluten-free, non GMO, vegan mezcal. Nate is a creative director who’s worked with the likes of Kanye and Beyonce, and Terry Lee has brought products to life for brands like MeUndies and Johnson and Johnson.

  • Southern California born-and-raised artist and curator moved by sound, sex, sport, and universal emotion. Tess Bjiere has been commissioned to create for Jay-Z’s elusive Gold Party, along with performances by Fletcher and installations for SG Lewis, Jacob Banks, Palm Angels and Nike.

  • The Millennial Decorator was founded for a generation of individuals, all driven by the Millennial Ethos: Vintage, Sustainable, and Unique. TMD is a place for those who care about sustainable and affordable decor on a budget. Today, TMD features limited item drops all ethically sourced and shipped with 100% sustainable materials.

  • Founder of Posture, an outlet created to channels various interests, emphasizing his relationship between music, products, furniture and art.

  • Mirai Thor is the founding artist behind Tiger Potion; a realm of jewelry fit to adorn primordial creatures birthed from the deep sea. Their treasure trove features freshwater pearls and shells plucked from the shores of the Atlantic to create these enchanted ornaments.

  • The New York-based stylist and creative looks to vibrant prints from Altuzarra for her eclectic, ‘everything goes’ style.

  • TKM

    TKM which stands for Te Kiero Mucho, displays an array of soft abstract and familiar shapes that plays into magical surrealism and sexual fantasies.

  • Canadian recording and visual artist who Dazed magazine once described as "the internet's most rebellious underground rap queen."

  • Tommy Nowels is a multidisciplinary creative entrepreneur who seamlessly merges the worlds between production, photography, design, and music management.

  • Multidisciplinary artist born and raised in Los Angeles working in fine art, fashion, and creative direction whose work reflects the current state of youth culture stemming from notions of personal branding, celebrity hype, and regionalism.

  • Los Angeles based label Tootsie™ Jewelry was founded in 2020 by Gabi Ballow, specializing in dreamy ethereal, candy-like inspired jewelry. Each piece is designed and hand crafted to add some happiness to your day. Tootsie Jewelry uses rare vintage beads ethically sourced in California and around the world. All pieces are handmade to order and one of a kind.

  • Owner of Toronto Vintage, Sasha Pogurzhelskyy specializes in curating vintage outdoor gear and streetwear from the likes of Arc'teryx, Goretex, The North Face & more.

  • Bizarritz, France native turned New York-based fashion and lifestyle creator and founder of Trop Rouge, a lifestyle, travel, and fashion outlet.

  • Vashtie

    New York City Based Director, DJ, and Designer. Vashtie's client list includes, Kendrick Lamar, Supreme and Justin Bieber to name a few.

  • Victor Solomon’s “Literally Balling” project is an on-going exploration of the icons of basketball - elevated in opulent form to celebrate the sport’s evolution, omnipresence and parallel luxury context from antiquated mediums and processes.