• @carolarochaa

  • Singer-songwriter who often lends her talents to the fashion industry as a muse and columnist.

  • Caroline Zimbalist is an artist and designer who hand creates one-of-a-kind pieces using nontraditional processes and techniques. She’s studied painting, illustrating, and sculpting since she was four and earned a BFA at Parsons studying fashion. Her art is sold in venues such as the Whitney Museum gift shop, 1st Dibs, Lovehouse, Kravet Curated, and

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  • design

  • A transient space, where unique pieces and the memories they carry come and go. With our distinctive curatorial lens, we reach back into the past to reap what some thought lost to the thunderous march of time.

  • Cassandra Dittmer is a sustainable brand consultant, designer, and fashion stylist who has aligned her business practices with her values by consistently advocating for transparency, inclusion, and community.

  • Cassie is a multifaceted creative living in NYC with a focus in styling and writing.

  • I love Dirt

  • Mixed child, chameleon soul

  • Independent fashion designer🪡 Based in London

  • CC

    Experiments in upcycling. Androgynous, handmade 1x1s by Claire Casto.

  • cent.ldn

    On a mission to make candles collectable. cent.ldn’s collection is a showcase of some of the most exclusive candles on the market, pairing luxury with sustainability. The candles are custom made and hand-poured in London using natural vegan waxes made from soy and coconut, and crafted by experienced candle makers. Storytelling is a key element of their candles, integrating into popular culture, music, sports and entertainment authentically to create beautiful pieces of home decor. From creating an iconic basketball silhouette and a JVC RC M90 Boombox in candle-form, to partnering with brands such as Tanqueray Gin, Ciroc, Hunter Wellies and Nandos, to recently unveiling candles inspired by adidas’ best-known footballers, no one is changing the game like cent.ldn is.

  • Ceramicism is the work of Dustin Barzell, a Brooklyn-based artist who creates colorful and playful ceramics using fresh and improvisational techniques.

  • Chad Senzel is a vintage dealer based in New York City.