• Los Angeles based professional surfer, architecture student, & friend of animals.

  • DJ, producer and founder of independent Los Angeles-based record label, events company and lifestyle brand Dim Mak.

  • Stickybaby is a highly unique streetwear brand created by Amanda Litzinger in NYC. Sustainable, low impact garment creation practices inspire the Stickybaby team to create our small batch, one of a kind clothing with love for all- right in the heart of New York City.

  • Sticky Glass is an NY-based design company developed by Grace Whiteside that specializes in multi-functional performative glassware. Sticky’s forms pull from the natural behavior of glass in it’s fluid state, reflecting the queerness of the material. Each object aims to cultivate an elevated experience, taking the mundane out of eating and drinking. Their absurd compositions pull inspiration from worm emojis to Dr. Suess illustrations. Sticky is not just a design company but a family of femme, trans and POC, folks just tryin to queer some glass and do good along the way by maintaining ethical business practices and donations.


    STIINA is a slow fashion brand and labor of love created by Christina Montoya, a Lantinx designer who makes wearable art pieces and operates out of her home studio in California. Self-taught in the art of corsetry, STIINA explores the manipulation of shape throughout history and the intimate uniqueness of handmade custom pieces through the traditions in sewing and garment construction, passed down from her mother and grandmother. Each piece is one of a kind, making it as unique as you are.

  • Strada

    In 2021, at the age of 22, Paul Hill founded Strada - a NYC based art gallery and online marketplace creating equitable opportunities for young emerging artists. At Strada, our physical exhibitions serve as platforms for BIPOC, women, non-binary, and Gen-Z artists who are overlooked by the current art market. By fostering a community, providing resources, and creating an online marketplace, we've reinvented the art world to be inclusive of the people within it.

  • Graphic designer and visual artist based out of Brooklyn, New York. Creator of Subliming, a project exploring the human condition.

  • Tae.Park

    Launched in November 2020 in the height of pandemic, Tae Park provides one of a kind statement essentials for independent women of today's generation. Inspired by the founder's love of vintage from her multicultural upbringing, Designer Taehee Park aims to create versatile pieces that are driven by community and local production. Designed in Brooklyn, proudly made in New York City.

  • Tase Gallery exists as a modern form of immersive in-person purchasing through installation and storytelling. Furniture Archive is a brand dedicated to the history of designed objects. Together, they bring iconic pieces into the eyes of their contemporaries to inspire, educate and entice.

  • Canadian-born and Los Angeles-based style expert who launched outdoors clothing and lifestyle brand Friends with Animals.

  • Songwriter and multi-visual creative artist based in-between Chicago and California who has worked with brands including Ann Demeulemeester, Diane von Furstenburg, Louis Vuitton and more.

  • Texas-born, Los Angeles-bred fashion creator, host of Dial In podcast, and creator of nostalgic photography preset packs.

  • Terrence Phearse is an artist and curator. He is currently the Editorial Director of Photography at Musée and is a former fashion editor. Phearse lives and works in New York and London and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Visual Arts: Philosophy, Aesthetics and Art Theory.

  • Co-founders of Rosaluna, the first certified gluten-free, non GMO, vegan mezcal. Nate is a creative director who’s worked with the likes of Kanye and Beyonce, and Terry Lee has brought products to life for brands like MeUndies and Johnson and Johnson.

  • Southern California born-and-raised artist and curator moved by sound, sex, sport, and universal emotion. Tess Bjiere has been commissioned to create for Jay-Z’s elusive Gold Party, along with performances by Fletcher and installations for SG Lewis, Jacob Banks, Palm Angels and Nike.

  • The Light Phone II is a premium, minimal phone. It will never have social media, clickbait news, email, an internet browser, or any other anxiety-inducing infinite feed. It’s an experience we call going light. It’s a phone, it calls and texts. There is a customizable menu of simple tools, and a dashboard website to manage everything. There is a headphone jack, bluetooth, and it can be used as a personal hotspot.