Warm body #10, 2022


Warm bodies is a collection of vessels mimicking the curves and undulations of the human form. Brought to life by the additional experience of scent and warmth. Each votive is meant to be a little guardian for your home, inscribed with intentions of peace. Each one is intentionally unique and hand made by Annahstasia, no two will ever be alike. Enjoy it as a candle then repurpose it as a tea cup for your morning rituals. Whatever you do don’t let them lay cold for too long.

Scent is a luxurious combination of wood, dirt, patchouli, paulo santo, white musk, and geranium.

Approx. 500 ml

Condition New
Scent Wood, Dirt, Patchouli, Paulo Santo, White Musk, and Geranium
Size Approx. 500 ml

Associated Experience

In Studio with Annahstasia Enuke