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RCI Printing Inc. Screen Printing Squeegee

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A specifically limited run of 4 solid wood with silicone applicator screen print squeegees embellished with the "RCI Printing" logo mark created ahead of his SS23 show in Paris, titled Seed & Soil. A continued celebration of the simple, time-honored, tools often used in the earliest days of creating a new brand. The squeegee is industry standard and usable for printing or simply as an art object. Each squeegee is uniquely imprinted with Reese Cooper's fingerprints in the ink used to print garments in Paris. 4 available to the public for purchase.

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RCI Printing Inc. by Reese Cooper

Multi-disciplined artist and storyteller, Reese Cooper presents his limited edition hand-printed shirts and squeegees ahead of his SS23 “Seed and Soil” show in Paris via a new Experience. Shop hand-printed and numbered RCI Printing Inc T-Shirts and Squeegees, celebrating the beginning of the RCI brand, only at Basic.Space.