FOO + FOO Sin Wave Hoodie


This hoodie from streetwear label FOO AND FOO features a double kangaroo pocket front, long sleeves and an attached hood. Gently worn, some fading due to wear. In good condition. 

Tech Specs

  • 100% Cotton 
  • Chest: 44in.
  • Sleeve Length: 24in.
  • Back Length: 28in. 
  • Hand dyed 
  • Sewn in Los Angeles 

About the Brand 

Foo and Foo began with the vision of a digital platform that sells foo’s clothing, but where the site does not take the role of a fashion brand in today's market. Foo and Foo is about foo and whoever interacts with the clothing, where everyone can explore exponential possibilities within each collection. Foo collaborates with artists to shine light on both foo and the artist's work in a digital context.  Foo-Foo was the nickname of the brand’s creative director when they were a child. 

Condition Pre-owned
Size US M
Color Black


Juliann McCandless

Celebrity stylist and creative consultant whose work has been featured in Office, Flaunt and Oyster Magazines.