Art and Time in Mexico: From the Conquest to the Revolution


This fully illustrated introduction to Mexican colonial architecture and sculpture covers the whole range, from the grand to the vernacular, of the magnificent art that flourished from the sixteenth through the nineteenth centuries. The book contains a knowledgeable and evocative text by one of the most prominent scholars in the field and 352 superb photographs of convents, churches, cathedrals, plazas, civic buildings, aqueducts, palaces, houses, haciendas, hospitals, bridges, sculpture, and decoration from all parts of Mexico, covering major monuments in the cities as well as unknown buildings in remote areas. ART AND TIME IN MEXICO is a beautiful guide and reference to the study and appreciation of rich and varied art that reflected European, native, and folk traditions yet was unique and original in its own right. Includes a glossary, bibliography and index.

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Pages 281
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