Lucas Capozzi-Shanks is an NYC-based creative and the internet's Soccer Mom. He started WTFATC (Who The Fuck Are Tens Club?) as a curated soccer newsletter, and it has since evolved into a reference archive of unique soccer vintage, re-worked 90s/2000s teamwear and sporting ephemera. Now a broader social study of American soccer aesthetics, WTFATC releases weekly-ish vintage capsules and seasonal club merch on the 10th. The brand’s first cut and sew release—a perfect pair of soccer shorts—will be available Summer 2022.


Vintage Curated Jerseys by WTFATC

WTFATC, founded by NYC-based creative Lucas Capozzi-Shanks, shares their vintage jersey curation in a new Experience. Explore Adidas, Nike, and Umbro jerseys in excellent condition, exclusively at Basic.Space.

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