Michelle Nia


Michelle Frazier is a multidisciplinary artist based in Chicago, IL. Handmade in her home studio, the brand Michelle Nia was born from the desire to create unique and colorful pieces that emulate the artist's deep inspiration from nature, dreams, books and childhood. Created with primarily repurposed and vintage materials, each piece is one of a kind.


Craft with Michelle Nia

Michelle Nia is a Chicago-based brand that creates pieces from primarily repurposed and vintage materials. Shop handknit one-of-one bows and custom-made tops, available exclusively at Basic.Space

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Michelle Nia Capsule Collection

Chicago-based multidisciplinary artist Michelle Frazier shares the Michelle Nia Capsule Collection via a new Experience. Shop upcycled handmade one-of-one skirts, bows, dresses, and more available exclusively at Basic.Space.

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