On a mission to make candles collectable. cent.ldn’s collection is a showcase of some of the most exclusive candles on the market, pairing luxury with sustainability. The candles are custom made and hand-poured in London using natural vegan waxes made from soy and coconut, and crafted by experienced candle makers. Storytelling is a key element of their candles, integrating into popular culture, music, sports and entertainment authentically to create beautiful pieces of home decor. From creating an iconic basketball silhouette and a JVC RC M90 Boombox in candle-form, to partnering with brands such as Tanqueray Gin, Ciroc, Hunter Wellies and Nandos, to recently unveiling candles inspired by adidas’ best-known footballers, no one is changing the game like cent.ldn is.



The Capital with Cent.ldn

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