An entrepreneur, model, artist, and designer, Brittany Byrd reflects a new generation of creatives uninterested in labels or limitations. Born in Los Angeles, Byrd began her career as a stylist for artists like Lindsay Lohan and Chris Brown. Arriving to viral fame in 2015, Byrd cultivated a substantial audience across social media platforms. Utilizing Instagram early on, known widely for her sartorial choices and beauty regimens, she swiftly leveraged her likeness and interests into a viable brand, ByrdMuseum. Her approach is one of “focused fearlessness”, collaborating with institutions like the Met Gala, and brands like Atlantic Records, PUMA, and Gucci. Byrd’s creative aim has always been to empower youth and elevate reality. In an era ripe with female-centered narratives, Brittany Byrd remains a prototype for today’s creators.