The Standard Luxury Black Hooded Robe


The Standard Luxury Black Hooded Robe features a tie at the waist.

Condition Pre-owned
Color Black
Measurements Shoulder: 6.5
Sleeve: 23.5 in
Chest: 48 in
Waist: 40 in
Length: 49 in


Simon Rasmussen

Simon Rasmussen was born in Denmark in 1980. He began working in the fashion industry as a stylist in 2005. Simon moved to New York City in 2011, and shortly thereafter co-founded the print magazine office. As the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief and head stylist, Simon leads coverage of fashion editorials, emerging and established artists, and New York creative culture at large. Since its establishment in 2014, office has expanded under Simon’s direction to include a digital platform, social presence, events, and creative agency. Simon also works as a stylist and fashion consultant for major brands around the world.