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"Places I've Been" Composted 50s Chino Trouser

Condition Pre-owned
Size US 30"
Mens US 30"

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This piece represents the duality of home; A hello, and at once, a good bye. Starting with a vintage 1950s military chino trouser as the base, the design draws inspiration from the Japanese tradition of Boro, and in that spirit, hundreds of rows of stitching are all that bind the medley of hand sourced and distressed mid century pennants to the trouser. One must always note the details, such as the hand stitched patches hailing from the 60s and early 70s, which serve to help illustrate the piece's lovely journey through spacetime, and legs which come lined for wearer comfort
  • Maximalist
  • Casual
  • Preppy
  • Chic
  • Designer

Associated Experience

Places I’ve Been