'NY Grows' Print


A reflection of slower seasons in a busy city. As we move forward from challenging times, we gain awareness that growth looks different in the quiet for those who root their identity in chaos and noise.

'NY Grows' Print is an 11 x17 inch risograph print that is signed and numbered. Risograph printing is a sustainable printing method that uses plant-based inks through an energy efficient machine with a minimum amount of waste. Imperfect registration and uneven coverage are a few of the quirks that come with this print process.

Condition New
Medium Risograph Print
Measurements 11 x 17 in

Associated Experience

‘NY Grows’ by Jennet Liaw

Co-founder of PracticeDays™Jennet Liaw shares her sustainable risograph prints in a new Experience. Only at Basic.Space, explore the ‘NY Grow” Print in dual color offerings and the Paracord Plant Hanger.