Apt.200 Party Pack - Misha Mulalu

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Vaughn Road, 10:00PM 

The photo submitted was taken a few years ago in Toronto. Driving down Vaughan Road, Misha and his friend Logan noticed a clean DeVille parked at a gas station, immediately parked the car, and took a few shots. After speaking to the owner of the car, he showed Misha and Logan the little gadgets and hidden compartments of the car, which included fuzzy dice hanging from the mirror.

Misha Mulalu is a photographer from Toronto, now based in Montreal. He began shooting 7 years ago, initially taking photos on his iPhone. Upon realizing that he had a knack for taking photos, his friend convinced him to pick up one of his dad's vintage cameras and has since never looked back. Since the beginning, photography has been an outlet for Misha, allowing him to find a deeper meaning in his life; he loves capturing memories and turning ordinary settings into art. Envy for his father's ability to capture beautiful images of friends and family has encouraged him to work towards perfecting his craft. Being able to capture emotion in an image, Misha likes to think he has innherited this aspect of photography from his father over time. 

Overall, landscape photography is where Misha developed the self confidence to start portrait art. Although self taught through a YouTube tutorial in photography, Misha credits many of his closest friends in Toronto for helping him get his photography to the quality it is at today. 

Each print purchase will include an Apt. 200 party pack including a cocktail recipe card, branded cups, coasters and a USB uploaded with mixes from some of Apt. 200’s favourite DJs. We’re hoping you can bring the Apt. 200 vibe to your home until we are able to host you again. All profits will be split 50/50 with the artist and the charity of their choice!

Half of all proceeds go to Nia Centre for the Arts

  • Cocktail Recipe Card
  • Branded Cups
  • Coasters
  • USB with Apt.200 DJ mixes 
  • Misha Mulalu Artwork
Condition New
Size 18x24
Paper Type Luster

Associated Experience

LIVE from Apt. 200

Tune in to a live DJ set from Apt. 200, in an initiative to support the local art scene in Toronto and Montreal