Welcome to Select

Select is a curated community within Basic.Space consisting of leaders in culture and technology responsible for building the future of social commerce.

What makes Select unique is that we intrinsically thrive at the intersection of online/offline experiences and physical/digital products. While we acknowledge the uncertainty of tomorrow as a lot of what's to come will be experimental, we can guarantee that every experience or product from Basic.Space will be thoughtfully curated by and for our community.

The simplest path towards building the future is to Own the Future alongside our community of forward-thinkers with a shared vision for where the world is headed.


How do I become a Select member?

You must be a member on Basic.Space and hold at least one $SELECT token.
Sign up to be a Select member here.

How are $SELECT tokens earned?

Tokens are earned through community engagement and are utilized to purchase items on Select to gain access to exclusive experiences, product (physical & digital) and more.

For our customers, $100 spent on Basic.Space = 1 $SELECT token. For our sellers, $100 sold on Basic.Space = 1 $SELECT token. You can also earn tokens through our Discord.

Where can I find my Select member status?

View $SELECT to see your token count or visit Select.Basic.Space

What are my Select member benefits?

The more $SELECT tokens you hold, the more perks you unlock. $SELECT tokens provide you with access to exclusive events across the globe – from SXSW to Coachella, NYFW to NFT.LA & beyond. You also have access to limited edition merch in collaboration with our friends/partners.

What do I get on my birthday?

Select members receive $25 Birthday Award every year.

How do I keep track of different Select events?

Join our Discord to access $SELECT benefits, and for regular updates on opportunities to use & earn more tokens.