Bridge webbing structure keeps the weight close to the body and makes this lightweight bag extremely strong. Double handles make it comfortable to carry. Zips closed, exterior zipper pocket. 12 liters. Handmade in Japan. Patent Pending.
Hammer Nylon Bridge Bags
Postalco Bridge Bags are made of a single layer of fabric supported inside with series of webbing straps based on the structure of suspension bridges. The lightweight architectural strength of the Postalco Bridge Bags is combined with our original Hammer Nylon fabric. Hammer Nylon is named for its almost hammered looking surface. The fabric surface feels natural but it has the strength and water resistance of nylon. It stands up on its own, like a densely woven canvas, but without the weight. This high density improves the natural water resistance of nylon. Hammer Nylon fabric is created using a proprietary process invented and made in small batches in Japan.
Color Black
Condition Pre-owned