The Millennial Decorator


The Millennial Decorator was founded for a generation of individuals, all driven by the Millennial Ethos: Vintage, Sustainable, and Unique. TMD is a place for those who care about sustainable and affordable decor on a budget. Today, TMD features limited item drops all ethically sourced and shipped with 100% sustainable materials.


The ‘City Girl’ Collection by TMD

The Millennial Decorator presents a curation of vintage ashtrays and afghan rugs, via a new Experience exclusively for Basic.Space inspired by travels to and from major cities NYC & LA.

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Vintage Car Rugs by The Millennial Decorator

Vintage home curator the Millennial Decorator shares their exclusive collection of vintage car rugs via a new Experience. Shop sustainably-sourced rugs featuring Audi, Mercedes, and more in wool and Afghan styles, exclusively at Basic.Space.

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