"Potion Ingestion"

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"Potion Ingestion" is a framed digital illustration by Alex Headlam.

Potion Ingestion is a digital drawing with a distorted figure that is undergoing some sort of metaphysical change. It breathes a sense of awakening, perhaps evolution, and the glitch distortions put it in a world immersed in internet activity in the digital age. I aimed for a certain mysticism, hence the name Potion Ingestion. Was also thinking about caffeine.

Aleqth is a 22 year old Artist/Creative Director who was born in the United States, but lived in Jamaica for the first 12 years of his life. He started sharing art on the internet since the age of 15, and since then has gained a following through social media. Alex Headlam lived in Maryland for his middle to high school years, even extending through some of his college years, before he dropped out and decided to be an artist full time. He lived in Baltimore and now lives and works in Miami.

Condition New
Medium Digital Illustration
Measurements Size: 12 x 16 in

Associated Experience

Daisies x Frieze LA

Live from Los Angeles, Paige Silveria launches the latest iteration of DAISIES for Frieze LA. The exhibition features wall pieces and a VR video by Alex Headlam, Alli Gelles, Chad Moore Emma Pryde, Ganna Bogdan, Jasmine Monsegue, Sandy Kim, Sara Rabin and Taj Francois.