"NYC Snow Pile"

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"NYC Snow Pile" is a print featuring a pistachio cake with apricot jam, whipped coconut cream, and shredded halva.

Alli Gelles—also known as @cakes4sport—is an NYC-based sculptor. Her piece for Daisies titled "NYC Snow Pile" depicts the trodden, slushy snow piles of NYC winter using Gelles' signature medium, cake. Beneath the repelling coconut decorated exterior is a pistachio cake filled with apricot jam. Alli's work has been featured in the New York Times, T Magazine, Domino, and VICE.

Condition New
Medium Print

Associated Experience

Daisies x Frieze LA

Live from Los Angeles, Paige Silveria launches the latest iteration of DAISIES for Frieze LA. The exhibition features wall pieces and a VR video by Alex Headlam, Alli Gelles, Chad Moore Emma Pryde, Ganna Bogdan, Jasmine Monsegue, Sandy Kim, Sara Rabin and Taj Francois.