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The two works Hadiqa/Jardin/Garden and Mina/Port/Harbor combine a visual vocabulary developed by Westly and Ross as influenced by the diverse architecture, flora and culture endemic to Beirut. In designing the initial studies for these pieces, Westly intertwined both photographs taken during his visit to the city in fall of 2016 in conjunction with images shared by news and mass media outlets before and in the present aftermath of the 2020 explosion. 

Hadiqa (Garden in Arabic) and Mina (Harbor in Arabic) constitute a merged vision of not only the past and present Beirut but Ross and Westly’s artistic disciplines, realized through Ross’s mechanical printing process. Each digital design is first translated into a series of 3-D bitmaps that are broken down and separated by shape, form and color by Ross. These files are then used as a blueprint for the creation of each drawing, with each utilizing a mixture of materials including but not limited graphite, watercolor and pastel pencil. Though existing as multiples, each drawing is ultimately unique - visual notations on the concept of reconstruction with some drawings made through gradients and layering and others through direct applications of bold colors. 

In Hadiqa, the cerulean blues, and cadmium greens point to the palm trees and gardens found lining the streets of Gemmayzeh and the pastels that coat the residences of Beirut's citizens. Oranges and reds reminiscent of the equatorial sunset seen from the coast of the Mediterranean peek out between the crumbled facade of a building destroyed by the blast. These disparate elements taken together form a portrait of not only the destruction that has visited Beirut but also its historical significance as a birthplace of civilization well over 5000 years ago - a metaphorical garden of Eden from which life has and will continue to grow.

For all editions sold, one third of the profits will go directly towards The Beirut Art Residency and its mission to provide aid to artists and communities affected by the Beirut blast.

Note: Hadiqa is made to order and will be shipped in 2-3 months after the purchase date.

Condition New
Material Chalk pastel and graphite on Gampi paper

Associated Experience

7x, Live from Beirut Art Residency