"Fornicate Under Command of the King"

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@daisies_nyc is a collaborative art project curated by Paige Silveria.  It consists of site-specific pop-up exhibitions, pop-up book shops, limited editon clothing collabs, and printed publications, all featuring artwork and performances by international artists.

Artists included in Daisies’ latest exhibition for Frieze LA are: Emma Pryde, Ganna Bogdan, Alex Headman, Jasmine Monsegue, Alli Gelles, Sara Rabin, Taj Francois, Chad Moore, and Sandy Kim.

"Fornicate Under Command of the King" is a framed purple digital illustration by Taj Francois.

Condition New
Medium Digital Illustration
Measurements Size: 24 x 36 in

Associated Experience

Daisies x Frieze LA

Live from Los Angeles, Paige Silveria launches the latest iteration of DAISIES for Frieze LA. The exhibition features wall pieces and a VR video by Alex Headlam, Alli Gelles, Chad Moore Emma Pryde, Ganna Bogdan, Jasmine Monsegue, Sandy Kim, Sara Rabin and Taj Francois.