"Foreign Affair"

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"Foreign Affair" is a framed print by Jasmine Mon.

Compilation of an alter photo met with a pressed flower. In gratitude of loved ones lost, left with a powerful presence of being watched over by an angel.

Jasmine Monsegue is a multidisciplinary artist from Houston, TX working with airbrush, sculpture, and design. Their focus is to emphasis the beauty of darkness with color.

Condition New
Medium Print
Measurements Size: 15.5 x 19.5 in

Associated Experience

Daisies x Frieze LA

Live from Los Angeles, Paige Silveria launches the latest iteration of DAISIES for Frieze LA. The exhibition features wall pieces and a VR video by Alex Headlam, Alli Gelles, Chad Moore Emma Pryde, Ganna Bogdan, Jasmine Monsegue, Sandy Kim, Sara Rabin and Taj Francois.