Fjord Fashion Blue Jacket


This Norwegian-made jacket features thick wool, metal clasps, blue embroidery and two front pockets.

Tech Specs

19" Shoulder Length

22" Arm Length

20.5" Chest

26" Length

About the Seller

LA based photographer, Yana Yatsuk, immigrated from Ukraine and grew up in Atlanta. Her mother raised her going to flea markets, hunting for special pieces and she’s been doing that from coast to coast, ever since. Her eclectic style translates not only through her photography but also her personal wardrobe. Her photography celebrates the human form and embodies the spirit of her subjects, while the personal items from her closet are a strong mixture of premium vintage and bohemian frocks. 

About the Brand

Fjord aims to represent the elegance of nature and garner appreciation for our fascinating world. Through growing apparel collections, Fjord is fulfilling its goal of showcasing a multitude of the world’s captivating features.

Condition Pre-owned
Color Blue
Size S