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Creativity Smoking Kit


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Custom Salon 21 Rolling Paper kit from Papers+Ink with filters. Pack turns into a foldable tray. Contains 5 papers and 5 filters.

Reads: “Warning: Creativity May Be Hightened”

Paper Info:

unbleached/ no chlorine used for whitening

king size or halved for mini j size

soft, smooth, slow-burning, and clean tasting

printed with non-toxic vegetable based colorings

natural arabic gum from the acacia tree

Filter Info:

made from natural woodpulp derived fibers

ultra premium filters with hollow center design

creates the smoothest coolest burn

Condition New
Paper and Filter 5 Each
Shipping Please Allow 4 Weeks To Ship

Associated Experience

Gallery Wall Install

Alex Bass, founder of Salon 21, curates new artwork LIVE from her NYC apartment.