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The Homies

Art by J. Arthur has been an ongoing project of mine that started, almost accidentally, two years ago. What had first started as some honest doodles seeking to illustrate how I was feeling, naturally evolved to become a creative exploration I enjoy to this day. The idea with these naïve drawings, which I sign Art by J. Arthur, is to express joy at its purest form. I have decided to illustrate this emotion with bundles of colorful happy characters playing together, something that seems to resonate a lot with the community around me. This sense of support and togetherness is an important inspiration that I carry throughout all my projects. The intent is for my art to be shared and enjoyed by people on a personal level. It is with this ideology that I have designed different Converse shoes, launched cultural events, collaborated with other artists, and given back to local Montreal charities. Drawing back to this artwork titled "The Homies", the inspiration came directly from the fellows which I used to work with. Each character represents one of my friends, a funny pose they would strike when joking around! Although the characters are personal to me, I wish for one to see this group as one of their own, or to that crack in a smile. Specifically, during this period of isolation, I have found my drawings healing, I view them as a reminder of how fun it has to hand out, and how hopefully this will come back to life soon. Again, the artwork goes directly in line with my ideas of uniting people with joy. The artwork itself is meant to be simple and cheery, as hanging out with loved ones should be. Hope you enjoy!

Each print purchase will include an Apt. 200 party pack including a cocktail recipe card, branded cups, coasters and a USB uploaded with mixes from some of Apt. 200’s favourite DJs. We’re hoping you can bring the Apt. 200 vibe to your home until we are able to host you again. All profits will be split 50/50 with the artist and the charity of their choice!

Half of all proceeds go to Hoodstock Montreal

  • Cocktail Recipe Card
  • Branded Cups
  • Coasters
  • USB with Apt.200 DJ mixes 
  • J.Arthur Print
Condition New
Size 18x24
Paper Type Luster

Associated Experience

LIVE from Apt. 200

Tune in to a live DJ set from Apt. 200, in an initiative to support the local art scene in Toronto and Montreal