Apt.200 Party Pack - J.30000

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A Matter of Time

"J30000 is an artist based in Montreal. His work stands on positive energy and the beauty of things. He experiments with various mediums such as acrylic, pastel and oil-based markers. His work is inspired by the laughable world that we live in but also by the emotional connections we are afforded with aesthetics. The result of his work is summarized by simplicity and complexity. Simplicity being external and complexity being internal. 

J.30000 has always shown profound interest in understanding the ""Why"" behind, ""What"", followed by ""Who, Where and When."" He believes that a deeper look at a subject may result in a completely different perspective. He started creating art over 10 years ago as a graffiti artist. From a simple signature to a more abstract piece, he learned how to express the result of his work with various pieces. He currently operates in a small studio in Mile-End. His website combines both his portfolio and art for sale, all the while showcasing his participation in multiple shows and collaborations with many projects. "

Each print purchase will include an Apt. 200 party pack including a cocktail recipe card, branded cups, coasters and a USB uploaded with mixes from some of Apt. 200’s favorite DJs. We’re hoping you can bring the Apt. 200 vibe to your home until we are able to host you again. All profits will be split 50/50 with the artist and the charity of their choice!

Half of all proceeds go to OJO Foundation

  • Cocktail Recipe Card
  • Branded Cups
  • Coasters
  • USB with Apt.200 DJ mixes 
  • J.3000 Artwork
Condition New
Size 18x24
Paper Type Luster

Associated Experience

LIVE from Apt. 200

Tune in to a live DJ set from Apt. 200, in an initiative to support the local art scene in Toronto and Montreal