"A" Chair Sculpture

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The compact “A” chair was designed with portability and ergonomics in mind. The EA Design Team utilized ancient Japanese wood techniques to bring a clean and timeless look to this chair. 5 pieces that are quick and easy to assemble and disassemble. This chair is the first of the upcoming series entitled, "Sculptures", by EA Design Studio. This chair was made to follow the juxtaposition concept of Digital Tribal--Adding living features to a non-living item gives the dynamic of existing in two worlds while still offering function and design.

Care: For the best look, avoid placing chair in dry and hot conditions. Can lightly mist the chair a few times a week to keep moss moist.

Material: Plywood, Finish: Poly and Moss

Size: A(30”x13”) B(18.5”x13”) C(19”x13”)


Condition New
Color Wood
Material Plywood
Finish Poly & Moss
Size A(30”x13”) B(18.5”x13”) C(19”x13”)

Associated Experience

Digital Tribal

DiTRi is the blend and honor of what was then, what is now and serving as what’s next.