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A Chair


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Douglas Fir stud chair assembled with steel bolts, steel ties, and clear acrylic.

Each piece is made custom and assembled in his studio in Los Angeles, and is thus stamped with its own model number.

Chair comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Made in USA

Condition New
Shipping Please Allow 2-3 Weeks To Ship
Dimensions 32” x 15.5” x 21”
Weight 27lb


Spencer Daly

In using common construction materials (lumber, machined bolts, plexi) – the work of Spencer Daly, founder of Apt. 1007, becomes an homage not only to his own childhood of wandering through construction sites, but also a nostalgic reminiscence of suburban culture in the 90s of dad’s working on hot rods on hot days in garages. Apt 1007. was established in 2020.